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USA: +1-646-239-4124

Maximising the Medical and Commercial
Value of Neuroscience Assets

Our Company provides
  • Strategic Guidance
  • Operational Management
to clients working on
  • therapeutics
  • diagnostics
 for diseases of the Nervous System.
Our Clients include
  • Pharma
  • Biotechs
  • Start-ups
  • Foundations
  • Inventors (Academics, Entrepreneurs)
  • Venture capitalist companies
  • Contract Research Organisations
  • Financial institutions
  • Private individuals
NeuroAssets’ team is led by David A. Lowe PhD,
based on his extensive Swiss and international experience of Nervous System R&D in Pharma, Biotech & Venture Capital.

NeuroAssets is located in the “Health Valley” region of Lake Geneva, Switzerland. It works with clients and business partners in the US, Europe, Middle East and Asia.

We can assist in the establishment of Swiss affiliates for non-Swiss entities.

We use a variety of Company-Client business models, including fee-for-service and risk-sharing.

Thanks for visiting us - if you would like to discuss our services, or opportunities, please contact:
David A. Lowe PhD
President & CEO
EUR: +41-79-281-6494
USA: +1-646-239-4124
NeuroAssets identifies and manages
the development of clients’ neuroscience assets. These activities include:

  • Asset scouting & acquisition
  • Evaluation: technical, patent, & commercial analyses
  • Intellectual property protection
  • Planning & management of projects
  • Virtual Drug Discovery via pre-clinical Contract Research Organisation (CRO) networks
  • Clinical Project Management & regulatory processes
  • Repurposing of existing drugs
  • Asset Financing: identification & negotiation
  • Financial Exits: Sale, License, Partner, Merge, etc.
  • Creation of start-ups
  • Interim company management
  • Turnarounds
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